Liferay Training Course

Liferay Training Courses

We offer Liferay training for developers and new users via our two courses:

Description Days Price (exc vat)
Liferay Fundamentals 2 R 12,000 $ 850.00

Liferay Development Platform

3 R 18,000 $ 1,300
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am


Liferay Fundamentals

Course Overview

Mastering Liferay Fundamentals is the recommended introductory course that will lay the groundwork for understanding what Liferay can do for you. This two-day course will give you an overview of what Liferay has to offer out of the box and how Liferay can be used for managing users, managing content, and permissions. You will learn how Liferay can use these basic concepts to provide collaboration and a solution to business needs. This training establishes a robust foundation for a successful Liferay installation.

Prerequisites$ 850.00

The Mastering Liferay Fundamentals course is an entry level course with no prerequisites.


Getting Started with Liferay

  • Installing the Liferay Bundle
  • Familiarizing Yourself With Liferay's User Interface
Fundamental Liferay Concepts
  • Displaying Content Using Sites
  • Managing Users Through Organizations and User Groups

Managing Permissions through Roles

  • What Are Roles?
  • Creating and Using Roles Effectively
  • Delegating Permissions Using Teams

Basic Page Management

  • Site Navigation
  • Creating and Managing Pages
  • Setting Page Permissions
  • Site and Page Templates

Introduction to Liferay's Asset Framework

  • What is an Asset?
  • Available Assets in Liferay Out of the Box
  • Adding Metadata Using Tags and Categories

Basic Web Content

  • Basic Web Content Creation
  • Placing and Displaying Content

Managing Documents and Media

  • Creating Documents in Liferay
  • Storing Files and Folders
  • Adding Metadata to documents

Encouraging Collaboration in Liferay

  • Understanding the Tools Used for Collaborating
  • Managing the Tools Used for Collaboration

Enhancing Networking and Collaboration

  • Measuring User Participation
  • Enabling Users to Connect with One Another
  • Integrating Other Social Networks

Connecting to External Sources

  • Embedding Web Sites
  • Publishing RSS Feeds
  • Placing Remote Portlets

A Deeper Look into Liferay's Asset Framework

  • Relating Content through the Asset Framework
  • Learning How to Enhance Content Through the Asset Framework
  • Monitoring Content

Understanding Custom Fields

  • What are Custom Fields?
  • Creating and Applying Custom Fields

Understanding Workflow

  • What is Workflow?
  • Understanding a Workflow Process
  • Using a Simple Workflow
  • Additional Features of the Workflow Engine

Understanding Dynamic Data Lists

  • What are Dynamic Data Lists?
  • Creating a Data List
  • Integrating Dynamic Data Lists with Workflow


Description Days Price (exc vat)
Liferay Fundamentals 2 ZAR USD
R12,000 $ 850.00

* Includes text book, lunch and tea. All Classes start at 09H00-09H30 unless pre-arranged.

Please contact us if you are looking to book a training sessions for Liferay fundamentals.

Developing For the liferay Platform  

Day 1


  • Introduction to Liferay's Plugins SDK
  • Installing Liferay Developer Studio
  • Reviewing Liferay Concepts
Developing Portlet Plugins
  • Introduction to Java Standard Portlets
  • How Portlets Differ From Servlets
  • The Java Portlet Specification
  • The Portlet Lifecycle
  • Phases of the Portlet Lifecycle
  • Portlet Characteristics
  • Java Standard Portlet Exercise
  • Portlet Preferences
  • Inter-Portlet Communication
  • Methods of Inter-Portlet Communication
  • Public Render Parameters
  • Events
  • Portlets and Web Application Frameworks

Day 2

Parts Inventory Portlet Application

  • Design Approach
  • Setting up the Data Model for Service Builder
  • Generating the Service and Persistence Layer
  • Leveraging the Liferay MVC Portlet Framework
  • Displaying Data using Liferay's Search Container
  • Localization, Feedback and Input Validation
  • Integrating Liferay Permissions
  • Adding Custom Portlets to the Control Panel

Day 3

Theme and Layout Template Plugins

  • Liferay Theme Overview and Exercise
  • Liferay Layout Template Overview and Exercise
  • Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices
Hook Plugins
  • Adding a Post Login Action
  • Adding a Startup Action
  • Customizing Language Keys
  • Customizing Core Liferay JSPs
  • Adding Post-Processing to Liferay's Indexer
  • Extending Liferay's Services using Service Wrappers
Description Days Price (exc vat)
Liferay Development Platform 3 ZAR USD
R18,000 $1,300

* Includes text book, lunch and tea. All Classes start at 09H00-09H30 unless pre-arranged.

Please contact us if you are looking to book a training sessions for Liferay development.