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Jumping Bean provides training for many open source projects and components

Glassfish Training

Glassfish training is in demand as Glassfish rapidly gains traction as a great platform for developers to use in development and testing environments and for use in production as a lightweight JEE application server.

Glassfish backed by commercial support from Oracle compliments existing Oracle middleware products and services. In the Introduction to Glassfish Administration training course we teach attendees how to install, configure, tune, manage, cluster and monitor Glassfish as an enterprise-class Java EE server.

Alfresco Training

The Alfresco fundamentals training course introduces a wide audience to the technology of Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This instructor led course uses presentations, demonstrations, worked examples and labs to achieve its objectives. At the end of the course the participant will be familiar with the  Alfresco technology, its architecture and will understand what the different components of Alfresco do and when they could be used.


Tomcat Training

Our Tomcat training course teaches students the details of the popular Apache Tomcat web container. The course covers Tomcat's architecture, configuring Tomcat server.xml, Tomcat's deployment descriptors, the web.xml files, valves, logging and  security realms.

JBoss/Wildfly Training

JBoss EAP/Wildfly Training

JBoss Application Server (AS) is one of the most popular open source Java application server on the market. This course covers JBoss AS 6.4  or Wildfly7.2. By the end of the JBoss/Wildfly training course students will know how to:
  • deploy and manage JBoss in domain or standalone mode,
  • configure JBoss logging,

PHP Training Courses

PHP training courses from fundamentals to advanced! PHP is making significant headway in the corporate world from its base as the language and platform of choice for thousands of open source projects from Drupal and WordPress. It is estimated that 80% of the internet is being powered by PHP.

VTiger Training

VTiger training courses for end-users and developers are offered by Jumping Bean. VTiger is a powerful CRM system but for any VTiger implementation to succeed the training needs of the company's users and developers need to be taken into account.

At Jumping Bean we offer training courses for the end-users who need to know how to use the system to derive the most benefit from it and for developers who may need to extend and customise the solution.

The end-user course covers:


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